About us

We’re a Hong Kong based start up looking to minimise modern inconveniences.

Our story

The modern day charging station:  they are either big expensive lockers, surface mounted boxes with numerous cable prongs sticking out, or mounted wall units with a line of people attached. Regardless of what they are, they can be summed up with one word: impractical.

Since we couldn’t find one that met our standards, we decided to invent it.

We’re a startup based in Hong Kong, a city where its citizens love their mobile devices more than anything else in the world. We’ve noticed this ever-growing attachment to mobile devices and wanted to find a way to help people stay connected.

Working closely with industrial engineers and battery experts, we set out to design and manufacture a simple and cost effective solution with superior features, whilst keeping all the benefits of the modern day charging station.

After countless iterations, design improvements, and rigorous testing, we finally created something we were proud to share with the world.

The Novi Charging Station

This launch marks the beginning : this is the first of many products to be brought to you by  MG*

Stay Tuned.

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