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About the Novi

The Novi is a portable charging station. It simultaneously charges 8 Novi Pods at once, meaning you’ll always have a spare power bank to use at home, or give to a guest in your restaurant, bar or hotel. Each Novi Pod has two in-built cables – one micro USB, and one Apple Lightning cable (charges iPhones 5+).

You must have a Novi Dock to charge Novi Pods. This is to minimise theft for businesses, since the pod will be rendered useless without the dock to charge it. Each Pod charges via Luna Pulse Technology, meaning it charges on direct contact with the base. No additional cables are required for charging.

Typical charging stations require people to stand next to them, or for people to leave their devices inside in order to charge. The Novi allows people the freedom to move around whilst charging.

Imagine being in a bar, and your friend is late. Your phone is out of battery, so you’ve asked the bar tender to keep it behind the bar to charge. Without having your phone on you, you don’t know that your friend is late, and you’ll inevitably ask the bartender several times if you can check your phone.

With the Novi, you can just sit at your table and browse your phone while you wait. You can keep up to date with any messages or alerts, as well as keep yourself entertained while you wait for your friend to arrive.

The Novi Dock Charger is an effective solution to an increasing problem. Restaurants and bars also don’t want the liability of keeping multiple phones safely, nor do they want to use up all their plug sockets or keep twenty cables somewhere in case someone needs to charge their phone.

Each Novi Pod has a Micro USB and Apple Lightning Cable (iPhone 5+) built inside. These two cables charge most mobile phones and electronic devices using Micro-USB

If you would like to purchase an adaptor for iPhone 4’s, or a mini-usb connector, we also offer these.

Please contact us on for more information.

We’ve gone through extensive testing to ensure that our product meets the toughest safety standards. This means the Novi is able to charge for a long time at a very low heat.

Each Novi pod has in built over charge protection, as well as over discharge protection, short circuit protection and overload protection.

We also have a range of global certifications including CE / FCC / ROHS / BC certifications.

If you want to know more information, please contact us on

The Novi Dock can be left on at all times. In addition to this, the Novi Pod has in-built over charge protection, to ensure the maximum life cycle for each Pod.

Absolutely. The Novi Dock can be used between 100 – 240 volts, meaning it will work in any country.

As long as you place the correct country into your order, or alert us to which plug you need, we’ll automatically modify this based on your geo.

We offer both 2600 mAh and 3000 mAh battery sizes.

We use premium industrial LG batteries, with a life span of more than 500 cycles. Most power banks in the market have the lifespan of around 200 to 500 cycles.

This will depend on the phone model and capacity of the battery – for example the iPhone 7 has a battery size of 1960 mAh, and our battery has either 2600 mAh or 3000 mAh. This means the iPhone can be fully charged 1 to 1.5 times.

As fast as it can possibly charge without experiencing issues with heat or danger. Depending on the phone model and its battery capacity, a full 100% charge takes around 1.5 hours. We designed our power bank to produce the maximum output at 5V / 2.1A to ensure the fastest charge, whilst adhering to international safety standards and our global certifications.

Buying the Novi

Thanks for believing in us! To become a reseller, please contact us at for more information

In addition, we offer extra support to resellers, including bulk buy discounts, a dedicated account manager and marketing material to use. We’re also open to any suggestions you may have, so please feel free to let us know what you think we could give you to help you sell more units.

We currently accept Paypal, as well as any major credit/debit cards around the world via Paypal.

If you want to pay via wire transfer, please contact us in advance for our bank account details and then send us the confirmation receipt for the transfer. We’ll process your order as soon as we receive this.

We hope that nothing ever happens to your Novi, but just in case it does, we offer a one year warranty on all docks, and a 90-day warranty on chargers. This covers all hardware malfunctions. If you encounter an issue please contact us and detail the issue you are experiencing.

As shipping batteries by air often comes with restrictions, we ship to most western countries within 1 week. Please contact us for more information regarding the exact costs and time-frame of shipping.

For our resellers, shipping in volume by sea will not be a problem for most countries.

Thank you so much for your consideration. Regarding exclusive distributorship, we offer exclusive distribution rights for a particular region to authorized resellers who reach certain sales metrics within a 3 month period. These sales metrics will vary depending on the region / country / market. We recommend becoming a reseller in a particular target market in your region first, then graduating to an exclusive distributor after the 3 month vetting period. This 3 month period can be will be further evaluated once the sales metrics can be reached.

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