Mobile Charging Stations for Hospitals & Medical Centres

Charging patients’ mobiles phones can keep them happy and occupied while they attend their appointments or treatments

How can the Novi help your patients?

  • Provide an easy solution for patients to charge their devices while waiting

    The Novi Charging Station contains eight portable chargers. Each charger – or Novi Pod – can be removed and given to your patients to use while they are waiting.

  • Charges Cell Phones, Tablets, Kindles and more

    Each Novi Pod contains two in built cables – one Micro USB and one Lightning cable (charges iPhone 5 and above). This means a plethora of devices can be charged – from mobile phones, to iPads or kindles

  • The Novi is Hassle Free

    The Novi Pods themselves charge on contact with the base. Each Pod has in-built charging cables. This means staff don’t have to deal with the hassle of organising multiple charging cables for patients.

  • Your patients will be happier!

    Waiting for medical treatment to be complete can be a very stressful experience, especially if they are running low on battery. Take one more stress out of their day by helping to provide an easy charging solution.

  • Your staff will be happier too!

    Staff can also use these devices to charge their phones while they are on the go, moving from room to room.

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Watch our video to find out more about how the Novi helps bars and restaurants, and can help your medical facility in a similar way.

During stressful experiences, often people use their mobile phones to contact family members, or to play games or surf the internet to keep themselves distracted from their current situation. The Novi Charging Station is one way you can help your patients relax during what could be quite a stressful experience.

The Novi Charging Station can be used in a variety of medical situations, for example:

  • Dentists’ or doctors’ waiting rooms
  • Hospital appointments for patients and their families
  • Overnight stays at hospitals where there are limited outlets
  • Treatment facilities (chemotherapy, dialysis)

The Novi Charging Station can also be very helpful in emergency situations, where people brought in haven’t had time to bring in personal items, such as their mobile charger.

Patient satisfaction scores are now one of the most important aspects of healthcare, with more and more emphasis on this being critical to a successful organisation. Providing mobile phone charging facilities to people during a healthcare crisis is one way to show your patients you truly care about their situations.

With the Novi Charging Station, each pod is removable and can be used all over your medical facility. This means if a patient has to go to multiple floors or areas, the Novi Pod can go with them too. Most traditional charging stations are stationary, meaning patients or families need to stay at the station in order to continue charging their devices. With ours, patients are able to move around treatment areas as necessary, keeping their charging experience hassle free.

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