Charging Stations for Schools

Help students charge their tablets, mobile phones or
other smart devices by using the Novi Charging Station

How can the Novi help students’ productivity?

  • Charge iPads, Tablets and Smartphones

    Kids can easily forget to charge their devices overnight. The Novi Charging Station enables kids to charge their tablets while they’re learning.

  • Safe and convenient

    Having kids plugged into an AC Adaptor during lessons can be dangerous, leaving long dangling cables lying around the classroom. Each Novi Pod is detachable from the base, and allows for fast charging without the hassle of cables.

  • Keep Children Engaged

    Kids get distracted easily, and just one child in the classroom with low battery can cause chaos for a teacher. Keep kids engaged by providing the Novi Power Pods.

  • Customise each charger with your schools logo

    For bulk orders, we’ll even custom print your school logo onto each charger so that your school has consistent branding in all classrooms!

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  • The Novi Charging Station is changing the way classrooms work. We've currently got our EAs charging the school's tablets via up to 30 different plugs - a total nightmare. The Novi helps us charge devices which haven't had time to charge fully, allows us to move freely without having to be attached to a wall, and allows my kids to stay on top of their work.Renee Chan, Primary School Teacher

The Novi Charging Station has a place in a whole range of different settings, but is particularly useful for schools, universities and the education sector. With each Novi Pod holding up to 2,600 mAH in charging capacity, the Novi acts as an emergency charge for students who may have forgotten to charge their tablet or smart device at home.

We’ve been speaking to teachers around the world who have all had positive feedback on the Novi, citing it as particularly useful for lessons where tablets and smart devices are needed. With an ever increasing need to use tablets and mobile phones in the classroom, the Novi helps provide that last minute charge if students forget to charge their devices at home.

Many schools currently rely on administration staff, or IT to help charge over and above 30 devices at a time, which is both tedious and can also be the source of safety hazards. Over 30 different cables are needed, meaning adaptor sockets are filled up and long wires dangle all over the place, posing a threat to children who may be running around the area.

Over 70% of all schools now use tablets in the UK and these numbers are only set to grow. Researchers have estimated a total of 944,000 tablets to be used by schools by the end of 2016. The same researchers suggest that by the end of 2020, schools in the UK will own 1.52 million of these devices. While we don’t have any official statistics from other countries such as the USA or Australia, we expect them to be of a similar degree – tablets are becoming the future of education.

Our mobile charging station is a perfect fit for schools and universities and is the solution to an ever-increasing problem of these devices not being used to their maximum efficiency due to failure to charge.

The Novi Charging Station has been CE and FCC tested, meaning it is safe for usage in schools throughout many countries. If you have any questions regarding certifications in your country, please feel free to reach out to us on for further information.


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